Lift Systems launches height indicator

By Sarah Ann McCay02 September 2012

Lift Systems' new Laser Height & Level Indicating System.

Lift Systems' new Laser Height & Level Indicating System.

USA-based Lift Systems has introduced the Laser Height & Level Indicating System.

The system provides accurate height and distance readings via four lasers. It has a zero out feature with absolute value memory, and bi-directional level sensors for the lifting beams or other structures.

The lasers attach to any steel surface via a powerful magnet. The new system can be used on any hydraulic gantry system to monitor both lift height and travel distance as a standalone operator aid.

The manufacturer said the product has been designed with maximum portability and versatility as a focus. The system also comes with LED display with rechargeable battery, 100 foot (30 metre) moulded cords for maximum reach, and waterproof sensors.

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