Lifting frames for Van der Vlist

By Laura Hatton11 May 2015

In total four frame sections were transported to the UK

In total four frame sections were transported to the UK

Heavy transport company Van der Vlist has helped move several large lifting frames from Eastern Germany to the UK.

In total four frame sections were transported. For the journey the sections were loaded onto a semi low loader. The pieces were 8.1 metres long, 4.71 m high and 3.35 m wide. Two of the sections weighed 13.95 tonnes and the heaviest two weighed 15.53 tonnes each. A number of smaller pieces were also moved. These were loaded with the larger pieces.

On arrival in the UK, the cargo was transported by road to the quarry site in Leicestershire in the East Midlands. Due to the size of the transport, the pieces had to travel along a permitted route with an escort.

Upon arrival on site, the pieces were unloaded next to an 850 tonne crusher. The crusher is due to be lifted onto the lifting frames so it can be loaded onto a self propelled modular trailer to be moved across the site.

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