Lifting Q&A

25 April 2008

Scott Moreland Vice president of sales (USA) Liebherr Nenzing Crane Co.

Scott Moreland Vice president of sales (USA) Liebherr Nenzing Crane Co.

How long have you been in the industry?

I entered the crawler crane industry in 1980 as mid-west area manager for the Manitowoc Engineering Co. In 1999 I joined Liebherr Nenzing and am now vice president of sales for the USA

What has been the most significant development in your time?

Fly by wire, electronic control over hydraulics and wet disc free-fall brakes. And real-time, on-line load chart calculation in the LMI that is safer and frees the customer from using e-proms and arduous re-calibration procedures among many other advantages

What is your favourite crane?

The Menck M750, predecessor of our product line, which was introduced in 1973, revolutionised hydraulic crawler cranes

Is the crane industry safe?

Yes, but like the trucking industry (with the same possibilities of catastrophic accidents), safety requires well designed equipment, knowledgeable, well trained operators and drivers, and proper maintenance

What disappoints you most in the industry?

People discounting rentals to the extent that they cannot cover proper maintenance, service and the replacement of the crane.

Where do you see the industry in 20 years?

We will still see winches, hooks and booms but, again, I see it as in the trucking industry with the manufacturers continuously trying to make machines safer, more durable, easier and more economical to operate, maintain and own

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