Lifting Q&A

25 April 2008

'Richard Krabbendam Heavy lift specialist, Jumbo Offshore The Netherlands

'Richard Krabbendam Heavy lift specialist, Jumbo Offshore The Netherlands

How long have you been in the industry?

Since 1973 when I joined Big Lift. The company was taken over in 1979 by Mammoet Transport. In 1980 I founded ITREC with Joop Roodenburg, which is now joined with Huisman Special Lifting Equipment. In 1987 I left for Van Seumeren for two years and then went to Jumbo Shipping in 1989.

What has been the most significant development in your time?

The increase in crane lifting capacities. I remember that we were proud to have the biggest telescopic crane in the Netherlands in 1973, which was a 70 tonne capacity Kato with a Canadian Pacific undercarriage. Now there are mobile cranes in the 2,000 tonne range and above.

What is your favourite crane ever?

I am very impressed with the Huisman-Itrec-built Mammoet PTC, a 1,600 tonne ring crane with a load moment of approx. 28,000 tonne-metres and built from parts that fit into standard shipping containers.

Is the crane industry safe?

In general I would say yes but, unfortunately, routine is our biggest enemy. Even when lifting small loads, one should think and use common sense before doing anything with a crane, otherwise it could turn into a deadly weapon.

What disappoints you most in the industry?

The ignorance of some owners sending big cranes on complicated jobs without proper planning and preparation.

Where do you see the industry in 20 years?

Lifting capacities will still increase but most advantages can be gained in efficiency during rigging and de-rigging of big cranes.

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