Lifting Solutions knuckles a challenge

11 April 2008

In the US Lifting Solutions Corp used a new truck mounted knuckle boom crane to lift air conditioning units up and right over the roof of a three-storey building in New York City into the rear courtyard.

Two lifts were required from Lifting Solutions' Effer 1750 to transfer two steel beams weighing 1,400 lbs (0.6 tonnes) each and the air-conditioning unit, weighing 850 lbs (0.4 tonnes).

Giancarlo Manzano, export area manager at Italy-based Effer, explained the weights were not a problem but the location and distance was. “No permit was issued to block any of the traffic lanes. The building was not very tall but the beams and air-conditioning unit had to be placed into a courtyard on the other side of the building where there was no access.”

The distance from the centreline of the crane to the loads' resting place was 97 feet (30 m), Manzano added, plus an additional four feet for the air-conditioning unit. The crane used its full eight extension boom and six extension jib to complete the work.

“The operator was at the crane base using radio remote control and communicated with the air-conditioning contractor inside the courtyard via a cell phone until the unit was on the other side of the building. He then positioned the first and second crane booms, walked into the courtyard and used the radio remote to lower the jib and position the unit,” added Manzano.

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