Lightweight Service Crane’s custom mounting

24 September 2019

Dutch crane and rental firm A.Hak Transport and Dutch glass mounting expert Montage van der Linde commissioned heavy lift and transportation specialist ALE to use its Lightweight Service Crane to install new covers over hanging sheds located on the side of a high-rise building in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

Due to space restrictions a larger crane could not be used. ALE helped the contractors with the project’s planning, formulating a custom solution where the crane was mounted on a suspended moveable gantry designed for cleaning windows.

According to ALE, the Lightweight Service Crane has a modular construction that makes it highly mobile, enabling it to be assembled by hand in hard-to-reach areas. The crane has a maximum capacity of six tonnes.

Once the Lightweight Service Crane was in place, the gantry was moved on its rails and ALE installed each of the new covers one by one using the crane’s adjustable ballast and a vacuum grip system.


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