Link-Belt's new TCC-750 tele crawler

01 April 2009

New from Link-Belt is the 70 tonne capacity TCC-750 telescopic crawler crane

New from Link-Belt is the 70 tonne capacity TCC-750 telescopic crawler crane

New from Link-Belt in the US is the 75 US ton (70 tonne) capacity TCC-750 telescopic crawler crane.

It was first shown at the International Foundation Congress & Equipment Expo in Orlando, Florida, in March. The crane stopped off there on its way to the SED construction equipment show in the UK for its European launch on 12 May.

The TCC-750 designed and built in Lexington, Kentucky. Special on the TCC-750 is the sealed lower and hydraulically retractable side frames for easy transport. The TCC-750 is designed with a low centre of gravity for stability and there are no outriggers to position.

A four-section 38 to 115 foot (11.6-35 m) boom gives a maximum tip height of 121 feet (39 m). Optional equipment includes a 35 to 58 foot (6-17.7 m), two-piece, on-board lattice fly with offsets of 2, 15, 30, and 45 degrees. Maximum boom and jib length is 121 + 58 feet for a 179 foot total (37 + 17.7 m for 54.6 m).

Power is from a 250 hp (186 kW) Caterpillar C6.6 diesel. The main winch drum has 16,880 pounds (7,657 kg) line pull with ¾ inch (19 mm) wire rope.

It moves in one or two loads depending on local restrictions. The retracted gauge, good for transport or work, is 8.4 feet (2.56 m). Once on the job, two additional working modes at 11.9 feet (3.6 m) and, fully extended, at 14 feet (4.3 m) increase versatility. "With 36 inch (914 mm) triple grouser track pads and a retracted boom, this rig can easily navigate terrain that a lattice crawler with flat pads would never dare," the manufacturer said.

In addition to general lift duties in hostile environments, the TCC-750 is targeted at special applications, for example, foundations, bridges, rail construction, power transmission and wind energy.

Options include a hydraulic powered earth auger and a work platform.

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