Live 3D printing of four houses

By Andy Brown20 February 2020

During the Bautec construction exhibition in Berlin, Germany, COBOD and Peri are showcasing the BOD2 3D construction printer which is live printing a small house every day of the four-day show.

Finished print

A finished print at the end of one of the show’s days 

At the show the BOD2 3D construction printer is performing live printing in front of visitors.

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, CEO of COBOD said, We plan to print the walls of a small house each day just during the opening hours of the exhibition, and everybody is invited to follow the process.”

COBOD says that they have sold seven BOD2 3D printers which, according to the company, makes it the best-selling 3D printer in the world.

BOD2 has a maximum printing speed of 100cm per second, but COBOD say that limitations caused by materials and pumping equipment has meant that the maximum speed so far has been 40cm per second.

The 3D printer has a modular build and can thus be extended with modules in width, length and height of 2.5m. In the length the printer has no restrictions, but the maximum is six modules in width and four modules in height.


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