Lombardi Lift's versatile platform design

By Maria Hadlow29 April 2010

Look out for the Lombardi Lift, developed by Donald Lombardi of Lombardi & Son Masonry, a small masonry company located north of Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The Lombardi Lift is a work platform basket, which, in a number of different configurations, delivers the operator up to the work site to give him optimal access to the area while remaining safe.

Mr Lombardi said, "In addition to the increased safety and mobility this design offers the workers, my lift design provides more versatility than the current bucket /basket systems."

The Lombardi Lift, versatile work platform is designed to be customised to meet the needs of operators working on, building, restoration, and repair of elevated and multi-dimensional structures. Retractable platforms can be combined with the main platform to form a U shaped platform and move independently to form an L shaped platform, providing workers better access to the work area. The retractable platforms combined with the main platform will adjust to specific structures' dimensions.

An additional platform connecting the two retractable platforms of the Lombardi Lift can be added to provide 360° access surrounding the entire structure such as a chimney or a tree.

The safety rails and platform inserts can vary in size to accommodate different sized structures. Lombardi Lift will meet ANSI, OSHA and insulation requirements.

Mr Lombardi said, "Over the years we have worked in almost every aspect of masonry. In the last 10 to 15 years we have specialised in restoration and repairs, which has lead me to develop and patent the Lombardi Lift. We feel the design has great potential in the marketplace and hope to partner with an aerial lift manufacturing company.

Mr Lombardi is currently working on getting a prototype built.

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