Low bed loader trailers new from Tii Group

By Laura Hatton20 April 2015

Scheuerle Nicolas Eurolight and Euroflex trailers

Scheuerle Nicolas Eurolight and Euroflex trailers

Scheuerle and Nicolas have launched a new range of trailers equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic suspension.

The trailers have extra-low deck, or centre beam deck, are available with 2 to 5 axles, have a width of 2.5 – 2.75 or 3 metres, fixed, hollow, raised or disconnecting gooseneck, fixed, lift, self-steering, or steering axles, or pendular axles, axle load from 10.5 to 12 tonnes and fifth-wheel load from 12 to 25 tonnes.

Other features include aluminium ramps to rear platform and a removable wood deck for vessel transport, which has a simplified control panel assembled on the gooseneck. Advantages of the new trailers include lift and lowering suspension control using iLevel function and they are equipped with TIM function: displays diagnostics and axle control (height recognition).

The trailers are available in single or double telescopic deck, with large boom recess on rear axle allowing to fit excavator arm, TWIN centralised greasing, iTAP function and TPMS function, which monitors tyre pressure and temperature diagnostics and defects.

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