Low level access at ConExpo

By Maria Hadlow14 March 2011

The Bravi Leonardo, among the low-level, low weight access offerings at ConExpo.

The Bravi Leonardo, among the low-level, low weight access offerings at ConExpo.

Low-level and lightweight pieces of access equipment will be well represented at ConExpo this year. Although used in construction for activities such as mechanical and electrical fitting and heating and ventilation installation, low-level access crosses into other areas such as facilities management, cleaning, maintenance and painting, which provides rental companies with a wider potential customer base.

Among the vertical mast machines are Skyjack's SJ12, Terex AWP's GR-20J and GR-26J, Italian manufacturer Bravi's range, JLG's LiftPod and Haulotte's LiteRiser 10 SP and Star 26J

Skyjack's SJ12 self propelled vertical mast lifthas been designed with a compact footprint and manoeuvrability in mind, with 90deg steering and a zero inside turning radius.

The new GR-20J and GR-26J self-propelled vertical masts from Terex AWP were first introduced in Europe. They have a lifting capacity of 200kg (440lb), up-and-over clearance of 4.2 m and 6.6m (13 ft 10 in and 21ft 10 in), a maximum working height of 7.6m and 9.7m (25 ft and 32 ft), and a maximum horizontal reach of 3.2m and 3.1m (10 ft 7 in and 10 ft 3 in) respectively. The jib's range of motion is 140 deg and both units have hydraulic turntable rotation.

Bravi will be showing some of the new models in its vertical mast, self-propelled low-level access range. The Bravi Lite is for contractors who do not need the full 4.9m working height of the standard Leonardo but want to be able drive at height for maximum productivity. It offers 4.21m working height and weighs 398kg. The Leonardo HD (heavy duty) has been designed with an all-steel chassis and canopies and integrated forklift-pockets. It can be used in the harshest sites: it features active pothole protection for an increased ground clearance. It is driveable at its full 4.9m (16ft) working height and weighs 550kg (1212lb). Stowed Leonardo HD is 1.192 m (3ft 10in) long and 0.74m (2ft 4 in) wide.

JLG is expanding the LiftPod line of lightweight low-level platforms The FS60 has a smaller base than JLG's other LiftPods and it is ANSI A92.3-2006/CSA B354.1-04 compliant.The FS60 has casters on the back wheels to improve mobility, and a 0.76m (30 in) base which allows it to fit through small hallways, doorways and even larger elevators. It combines the portability of a ladder with the stability of an aerial work platform, JLG said.

Haulotte's LiteRiser 10 SP & Star 26J are electric vertical masts. The LiteRiser 10 SP is a self-propelled aerial work platform that offers 4.8m (16 ft) of working height for the indoor market. A maximum width of 0.81m (2 ft 8 in) allows access into narrow spaces.

The Star 26J was designed to meet a 10m (32ft 3in) working height requirement in confined indoor areas. It has a stowed height of 1.99 (6ft 6in) and a width of 1m (3ft 3in), a 360° rotation with zero tail swing.

Compact and lightweight scissors will also be well represented, not least on US manufacturer Custom Equipment's stand where its range of self-propelled and push-around low-level machines can be seen.

The latest is the HB-830, a 4.2m (14ft) working height machine weighing 506kg (1115lb). HB-830 blends Custom Equipment's scissor lift design with a highly manoeuvrable, zero turn radius steering and drive system. The HB-830 has a 0.6m by 11.1m (25in by 44.5in) deck, and includes an additional 0.48m (19in) slide out deck extension. The HB-830 incorporates a dual-wheel front wheel system, virtually eliminating carpet buckling, while helping to minimize overall wheel load.

Haulotte will be showing its Compact 3947 E (Compact 14) electric scissor for the first time in the North American market it is a lightweight and compact 14m (40ft) electric scissor. With a width of 1.2m (3ft 11in) and folding handrails, C 3947 E is very compact and weighs 3177kg (6990 lb).

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