Loxam confirms Stéphane Hénon as new managing director

By Murray Pollok18 September 2012

Stéphane Hénon

Stéphane Hénon

Loxam has confirmed the appointment of Stéphane Hénon as its new managing director, succeeding Yves Coquinot, who has retired.

Mr Hénon has spent 12 years with Loxam, starting as Ile-de-France regional manager, then as operations manager for Loxam's French subsidiaries and subsequently for all international subsidiaries as well.

He joined Loxam's general management team as deputy managing director in February 2011.

As managing director he will assist chief executive officer Gérard Déprez.

Mr Hénon began his business career as a management consultant with Deloitte & Touche before moving into the construction sector as site operations manager for Dagard, a leading French industrial insulation company.

In his time at Loxam he has played a role in establishing several Loxam divisions, including Loxam Module, Lev, TP, Event, Morocco and Access. He was involved in acquisitions such as Setec, Alpha location, Alpina, Lev, DNE/JJ (Denmark), Spreeuwenberg (Netherlands), Stammis (Netherlands) and Ireland Access.

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