LRC takes boiler system to the US

By Maria Hadlow24 May 2011

Walt Waryga and Mike Murray of LRC are impressed with the potential of Instant Upright’s  Quick erec

Walt Waryga and Mike Murray of LRC are impressed with the potential of Instant Upright’s Quick erect Boiler Access System.

Attending the distributor conference were Walt Waryga and Mike Murray of US construction rental company LRC. With some thirty years experience in working with the petrochemical and power generation industries Instant UpRight's Quick Erect Boiler Access System had recently been brought to their attention.

Mr Waryga said that they had seen nothing like the aluminium system in the US before and had similar reactions from experienced scaffolders in the US.

Having thoroughly investigated the system and the potential market LRC has ordered a container load of the scaffolding system.

"We have a relationship with all major refineries in the Tri-state area [Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware] and we've also talked to refineries in Texas and Louisiana," said Mr Waryga. "Everyone we've shown it to is very excited."

The strength of the Quick Erect Boiler Access System, as LRC sees it, lies in the light aluminium structure and the fact that there are fewer components.

In cleaning and maintenance in the petrochemical industries down time is very expensive so the more quickly the scaffolding can be erected the less time the system needs to be out of commission.

The ease of set up means the system goes up considerably more quickly that a conventional scaffolding system, lighter components reduces fatigue of the workforce so less manpower might be required and fewer components reduces the inevitable losses associated with most scaffolding projects.

Mr Waryga explained that by reducing the customer's downtime a premium can be charged for using the Instant UpRight system and the customer will still spend less money overall on essential maintenance and cleaning.

LRC have also talked extensively to unions in the US and have had a favourable reaction as the organisations see the benefits for their members and the industry. Although each project needs less manpower, more projects can be undertaken increasing employment.

Mr Murray and Mr Waryga anticipate setting up a separate division of LRC to operate the specialised scaffolding and are already talking to the nuclear power industry which has strict regulations about the amount of time workers can stay in particular areas. Speedy erection of scaffolding in these areas is essential.

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