Lufthansa and Bielefeld develop special aviation scissor

10 November 2008

Carsten Bielefeld of Hubarbeitsbuhnen Bielefeld, Germany.

Carsten Bielefeld of Hubarbeitsbuhnen Bielefeld, Germany.

German aerial platform dealer Hubarbeitsbuhnen Bielefeld has developed a specially modified ‘waste disposal' scissor lift with airline Lufthansa. The ‘Easydrop' product will be launched at the InterAirport China exhibition at the beginning of December.

The product is based on an Iteco IT12180D diesel scissor with a specially mounted corkscrew chute that will allow aircraft servicing companies to dispose of waste materials very quickly, helping to speed up aircraft turnaround times.

Carsten Bielefeld told Access International that Lufthansa had developed the concept of a chute attached to lower level steps, and that he had suggested fitting the chute to a scissor. Although simple in concept, the collapsible chute requires the use of two tension reels at the base to maintain tension in the chute and prevent it from being damaged by wind.

Mr Bielefeld said the attachment, which weighs 250 kg and can carry up to 30 kg of waste at a time, costs around €80000; "The complete machine, including the scissor, is still cheaper than the alternative," he said. Airlines often use large truck mounted machines for this type of work.

The Easydrop has been developed specifically for the Airbus A380, but Mr Bielefeld said Lufthansa wanted to produce versions for other aircraft types for sale to the general aviation market. Lufthansa holds the patent for the technology. The complete Easydrop product, including scissor, has been CE marked.

Mr Bielefeld has a lot of experience of the aviation market. In the past he has supplied over 30 specially modified booms and scissors to Lufthansa for aircraft maintenance and has also sold adapted Iteco scissors to Airbus to carry fuel pods used on its refuelling aircraft.

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