Maber assists in ship build

By Sarah Ann McCay16 January 2014

The Maber MB C 2000/150-SR transport platform

The Maber MB C 2000/150-SR transport platform

Maber recently installed two MB C 2000/150-SR transport platforms with VFD for use in the construction of a cruise ship for Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri in Venice.

The MB C 2000/150-SR transport platforms are being used for transporting people and small loads. The platforms have a capacity of 1,500 kg each, and a dimension of 1.5 m by 3.2 m, and have been fitted with a VFD (variable frequency device) for smooth start and stop, reducing power consumption. They offer a hoist speed of up to 32 m/min for loads and 12 m/min for persons.

Maber also developed a mechanical system to automatically adjust the entry level on the dock, either up and down or left and right, to accommodate changes in tide, wind and the weight of the vessel.

The ship, which measures 38 m wide and 50 m high with a total length of 300 m, can move up to 1.5 m up or down and 1.2 m left or right due to tide and wind fluctuations.

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