Mabey supports tramline extension

04 July 2019

Mabey Hire’s struts are being used to support one of the biggest tram extension programmes in the UK.

The Midland Metro Alliance (MMA) Birmingham Westside Metro Extension project in Birmingham will see the creation of a new line to take passengers between Grand Central in the city centre, though Victoria Square, to Hagley Road, Edgbaston.

Pinfold Street to Victoria Square

Aerial view showing the section of the line between Pinfold Street and Victoria Square

Mabey Hire’s West Midlands depot, located close to the tram line, has been selected as one of several local suppliers to support the development of the new 2.2km route, and so 150m of ground excavation are being supported by the company’s Shaftbrace struts.

One of the biggest challenges in the project is managing the construction work in an already highly built up area, while minimising disruption to residents and businesses.

Mabey Hire was initially contracted by the MMA to deliver 100m of bespoke excavation struts throughout the Pinfold Street excavation. These struts held the ground open as workers dug down and installed slabs, forming the base of the soon-to-be-installed tramline. Aside from preventing soil collapse as the dig progressed, the struts also contributed to the protection of nearby historic buildings, which could be damaged by a ground collapse around the construction area.

Following the success of this system, Mabey Hire was then contacted again to provide a further 70m of struts for the Broad Street excavation.

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