Malaysian lift for Mammoet

07 November 2014

The absorber was lifted using a ‘top and tail’ operation

The absorber was lifted using a ‘top and tail’ operation

Global heavy lift and transport service provider Mammoet has lifted a 1,210 tonne absorber in Malaysia.

The 1,210 tonne DEEP AGR absorber was lifted for Nippon Express. It forms part of a Petronas petrochemical plant, which is under construction in Sarawak, Malaysia. The absorber will be used to purify gas.

The absorber measures 55 metres long and, according to a spokesperson, is the heaviest machinery to be lifted in Malaysia. The top section was lifted using a specialized gantry system, while the other end of the absorber was lifted into position using an auxiliary crane. Challenges during the project included a small working area to erect the gantry crane. To overcome potential problems, the system was assembled in modules at different parts of the yard, a spokesperson said.

It took 24 days to assemble the gantry system, and the lift took five hours to complete. The project was carried out two weeks ahead of schedule, a spokesperson added.

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