Mammoet CC 8800 for Shintech

21 August 2017

Louisiana lift record for Mammoet with Demag CC 8800 and Boom Booster capacity enhancement system

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Mammoet in Louisiana upending a 595 tonne vessel for Shintech

A record was claimed by Mammoet for its lift of the heaviest vessel at a new manufacturing facility in Louisiana, USA.

Mammoet was contracted both for the heavy lift and transport services on a project for chemical company Shintech. The record lift was for the project’s largest vessel, at 102 metres long and 595 tonnes. A 1,600 tonne capacity Demag CC 8800 with the Boom Booster capacity enhancement system was chosen for the job to erect and place the vessel.

Early in 2017 Mammoet transported the vessel 14 km through a field of sugar cane. Several 90 degree turns had to be negotiated, as did a 2.1 m drop after a railway crossing.

Construction work surrounding the site limited the available space. In addition, the schedule was tight. Mammoet tailed the vessel using a double, 12 axle-line set of self propelled modular transporter (SPMT).

Assembly of the crane had to be done in stages. First, the tracks, carbody and super structure were assembled and walked 30 m to the crane pad. After that the rest of the crane was assembled and the boom raised. To save room for crane assembly, the Boom Booster was put together in sections off site and brought in on trucks. Weights were confirmed prior to the lift as the crane was operating at more than 90 percent of its rated capacity.

Mammoet’s involvement in the project is due for completion in 2018.


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