Mammoet demonstrates super heavy lifters

By Alex Dahm16 June 2011

Mammoet PTC 200 DS and PTC 140 DS super heavy lift cranes being demonstrated on 15 June in the Nethe

Mammoet PTC 200 DS and PTC 140 DS super heavy lift cranes being demonstrated on 15 June in the Netherlands

International heavy lifting and transport specialist Mammoet has presented its giant new super heavy lift PTC 200 DS crane. The 200,000 tonne-metre giant was unveiled and demonstrated at Mammoet's facility at Westdorpe in the Netherlands on 15 June.

Tagged as the world's biggest super heavy lift crane, the PTC 200 DS was designed in-house by Mammoet engineers. The largest in Mammoet's PTC series of containerised ring-based cranes was accompanied by a 140,000 tonne-metre version also erected on the site. Components of the third super heavy lift PTC were also there in preparation for assembly following the dispatch of the first unit to work in Brazil.

The three cranes represent a Euro 160 million investment, said Jan van Seumeren Jr, Mammoet chief technical officer. The PTC 200 DS nomenclature reflects the crane's 200,000 tonne-metre rating. In its development phase (IC August 2009, page 12) the cranes were referred to as PTC 120/160 DS, prior to testing and the final maximum load moment being revealed.

Applications are building large structures on major construction projects in petrochemical, power generation and offshore industries worldwide. The cranes were designed because the modules used to build refineries and other big plants are continuing to get bigger and heavier.

"A versatile crane is what we wanted," said Roderik van Seumeren, Mammoet president and CEO. "We wanted a crane, not a derrick, not a gantry, not something just for one market," van Seumeren continued. "The orders already received prove that our decision was right."

High lifting capacity and long reach on a small (45 and 55 m) footprint was the target. The main winches can lift a 3,200 tonne load to a height of 120 m in 12 minutes. A full 360 degree rotation takes 15 minutes. The luffing jib, which does not reduce the load moment, allows the crane to reach over large obstacles.

A fully rigged PTC 200 DS ships in about 250 containers (20 and 40 foot).

Mammoet has more than 3,800 personnel operating worldwide from more than 60 offices and depots. Operating income for 2010 was Euro 860 million. The company marks its 45th anniversary in 2011, the last 15 years of which have been with its series of PTC heavy lift cranes that have completed more than 17,000 lifts.

Be sure to return to this page as extra information will be added. See the next issue of International Cranes and Specialized Transport for a full report on the new giants.

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