Mammoet goes small with Hoeflon

08 June 2018

Mammoet Hoeflon C10

Mammoet Hoeflon C10

International heavy lifting and transport specialist Mammoet has expanded the small end of its crane fleet with the addition of a pair of new 4 tonne capacity Hoeflon C10 mini crawler cranes.

The Dutch-built telescopic C10 is 800 mm wide to fit through doorways and is designed to operate in confined spaces. Target applications include work in refineries and industrial plants where there is no room to get a conventional crane.

At the maximum 19 metre reach it will lift 209 kg and the greatest hoisting height with all extensions is 22 m. It weighs 4.7 tonnes and can be fitted with a radio remote control. Power is from a three cylinder Yanmar diesel or it can be powered electrically. Track width can be adjusted for optimum stability according to the available space.

Mammoet said it will run it alongside its existing trailer and loader crane fleet for its industrial services customers.

Gert Jan Uildriks, Mammoet Assen branch operations manager, said that while Mammoet is known for its big projects, the company has significant operations in rental business and maintenance work. “The addition of the Hoeflon C10 means that we now have the necessary and complete range of equipment to expand into new and growing markets, such as machine relocations,” Uildriks said. Mammoet Noord and Mammoet West in the Netherlands will have the new cranes.


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