Mammoet has the legs for New York

By Ian Vallely06 October 2016

Mammoet successfully delivers legs of New York Wheel

Mammoet successfully delivers legs of New York Wheel

International heavy lift and transport company Mammoet has transported the four 500 tonne legs of the New York Wheel, an observation wheel on Staten Island, USA.

The legs, which were fabricated in Italy by Walter Tosto, were delivered to South Brooklyn Marine Terminal.

The New York Wheel is being constructed near the northern tip of Staten Island, about 35 metres from the shore of New York Harbor. It will be the world’s tallest observation wheel at 192 m, Mammoet said.

The four legs – each weighing more than 500 tonnes – are the first New York wheel components to arrive that will be installed above ground. They are 5.4 m (18 feet) wide and will be 83 m (275 ft) tall when erected. Each leg is made up of two parts, of 42 and 41 m, respectively.

The construction and transport of the wheel components will be co-ordinated by Mammoet USA, which will engineer the multiple erection procedures, procure parts from all over the world and construct the wheel. The legs will be installed using Mammoet cranes and Mammoet self propelled modular transporter (SPMT). In total the company will erect 10,000 tonnes of steel.

Mammoet has formed a joint venture with Starneth LLC, a Dutch engineering company specializing in the design and construction of giant observation wheels and structures. Mammoet Starneth LLC is responsible for engineering, procurement and construction of the New York Wheel.

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