Mammoet launches heavy lift terminal crane

04 October 2013

The new Mammoet Terminal Crane 15 MTC15

The new Mammoet Terminal Crane 15 MTC15

International lifting and specialized transport service provider Mammoet, based in the Netherlands, has developed a new terminal crane.

The 600 tonne capacity (at 25 metres radius) Mammoet Terminal Crane 15 (MTC15) has a maximum load moment rating of 15,000 tonne-metres. It can be installed in general ports to provide heavy lift capability, for excample, for load ins and load outs of petrochemical vessels and other components and equipment.

In addition, local resources, such as water or sand, can be used for the containerised (25 x 20 foot containers) crane's ballast and it can be assembled by one 80 tonne assist crane. Its capability is comparable with a 1,200 tonne capacity crawler crane, Mammoet said.

Patrick van der Meide, Mammoet senior commercial manager, said, “With the successful testing of the MTC15 in Westdorpe, the Netherlands, Mammoet has engineered a technological breakthrough for our customers. Due to popular demand, Mammoet is currently developing a skid track, making it possible to move the MTC15 parallel to the quay. Mammoet is open to discussing other, specialised alterations to the MTC15 with customers to meet their logistical supply chain requirements.”

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