Mammoet transports emergency stator replacement

By Hannah Sundermeyer29 November 2021

Mammoet assisted its customer, Capital Power with an emergency stator replacement at the Genesee Generating Station, located southwest of Edmonton, Alberta.

The replacement stator being transloaded on the way to Genesee Generating station.

As time is of the essence to get the Genesee 2 facility back up and running, Mammoet’s engineering team utilized its experience in moving power plant components to develop a solution for the customer, quickly developing lift plans, transport and jacking drawings.

The replacement stator loaded on an SPMT.

The first challenge faced by the project team was to remove the 209-ton existing stator from the building. To ensure the facility’s overhead cranes could safely handle a lift of this nature, Mammoet utilized steel weights to perform a load test, confirming all parameters and ensuring the functionality of the cranes.

After the load test and checks were complete, the existing stator was removed and transported to a maintenance shop for future repairs.

As this challenge was underway, Mammoet was already planning the next phase of the job; transporting a replacement stator weighing 226 tons to Genesee from the Sundance Generating Station. Through Mammoet’s long-standing relationships with Alberta Transportation, Geometrix and various utility providers, the necessary approval process was expedited and a safe means of transport for Capital Power’s replacement stator was developed.

Steel weights in place for the load test of the overhead crane.

Alberta Transportation’s bridge approval requirements meant that the replacement stator had to be transported on a route measuring approximately 84 miles using a 4-file arrangement comprising 288 tires on a single trailer, to prevent excess pressure on the road surface. To leave the Sundance site, the stator was transported via self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) to an area where it could be transloaded to the road transport arrangement.

Once the stator arrived at Genesee, another transload to SPMT was required to allow the stator to make its way to its new home. Through a week of long hours and multiple loading and unloading the replacement stator was picked up, delivered and installed in the Genesee plant.

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