Mammoet wins Samsung contracts

22 September 2018

Mammoet PTC 35DS

Mammoet PTC 35DS

International heavy lift and transport specialist Mammoet has won two new contracts with Samsung Engineering (Thailand) Co Ltd.

Mammoet will provide transport and heavy lift works as part of two petrochemical projects in Map Ta Phut, Rayong Province. The region is home to a major infrastructure development plan aimed at generating an industrial base for Thailand’s modernisation, Mammoet said.

First is the Propylene Oxide (PO) Project involving the transport of heavy and oversized columns from Map Ta Phut deep sea port to Hemaraj Industrial Estate. Mammoet will use hydraulic trailers for this. Second is the Olefins Reconfiguration Project (ORP). It is also a heavy transport job from Map Ta Phut port but this time to Map Ta Phut industrial estate. Both sites are approximately eight kilometres from the port.

Lifting on the ORP project will be handled by the Mammoet PTC35DS heavy lift crane. It will lift heavy and oversized columns over a 7.5 metre pipe-rack. An initial plan by the client was to build a bridge over the pipe-rack so columns could be manoeuvred into their final position. To do this, however, would have taken months of planning, engineering and construction. It would been more complex and would have added risk and extra cost to the project.

Mammoet said its solution with the PTC35DS crane was more efficient. The crane had more than enough capacity at radius to safely navigate the pipe rack and to make minimal disruption to on-going site activities. Less engineering preparation was needed than the original proposal, Mammoet said, which also means cost savings for the client.


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