Man-Down alarm for overhead cranes

25 April 2008

A new man-down alarm system as part of a radio remote control system is available to help operator safety. If an operator using the radio remote control, which is fitted with a tilt switch, falls or becomes incapacitated, a safety alarm is automatically activated. This Man-Down alarm system is available on Cattron Group International remote control systems for overhead cranes and other industrial machinery.

If the transmitter remains tilted for more than five seconds, the system initiates an emergency shutdown of the controlled machinery. The Man-Down alarm function also generates a synthesized-voice distress message, which is broadcast from a user-supplied two-way radio on the equipment being controlled, over a plant or facility-wide communication network. The distress message is repeated until the alarm is manually reset or for a maximum of 10 minutes.

The broadcast distress message includes a call sign, indicating which remote controller triggered the alarm. In some overhead travelling crane applications, a pitch-and-catch function lets two operators transfer control of the crane between each other.

The Man-Down alarm has been a standard feature on Cattron's radio remote control systems for locomotive applications and compliments other built in safety features. The alarm will be offered as an option on new remote control systems and as a retrofit on some existing systems. The alarm may not be compatible with all systems and a plant or facility-wide two-way radio communication system is also required.

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