Manbat to supply A-Plant

01 April 2015

Manbat Battery Power Systems, a U.S. Battery Manufacturing dealer in the United Kingdom, has been named the major supplier of batteries to A-Plant.

"We are the preferred supplier of batteries to A-Plant in its entirety, and including all divisions," said Myles Pemberton, marketing manager for Manbat Ltd. "A-Plant and many of our other customers think U.S. Battery products are by far the highest quality and best performing batteries in the market - bar none. They have a fantastic reputation here in the UK."

U.S. Battery provides technical and marketing support so dealers like Manbat can achieve a higher level of success.

"U.S. Battery supports us in many different ways," said Pemberton. "From helping to fund trade shows, supplying images and graphics for point of sale leaflets, and promotional items for us to use at trade events. It's all done quickly and efficiently, and we feel we have a team behind us, helping our company along the way."

Manbat Battery Power Systems has 12 locations and makes daily deliveries to its customers across the UK. The company has been a battery supplier since 1952, and serves multiple markets.

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