Manitou launches engine ‘auto-stop’ feature

01 June 2012

Stop & Go will be available first on Manitou's MT14 and MT18 models. Pictured is the MT1840.

Stop & Go will be available first on Manitou's MT14 and MT18 models. Pictured is the MT1840.

Manitou is to launch an automatic engine stop and start function on its construction telehandlers that will cut fuel consumption by 5% and reduce typical engine operating hours by a third.

The new Stop & Go system - launched in concept at Manitou's ‘Festival' event in Spain - will automatically cut-off the engine after it has been idling for a certain period, say 30 seconds, and will then restart when one of the controls is activated by the operator.

The system incorporates a hydraulic starter and hydraulic accumulator, developed with Poclain Hydraulics, that can restart the engine in just 0.5 seconds. The hydraulic system has been chosen because of this rapid response and because it is robust enough to withstand the full life of the machine. The traditional electric start mechanism will still be used for normal starting.

Stop & Go will be fitted first to the MT 14 and MT 18 handlers in the first half of 2013, with the MRT models to follow. It could also be fitted to aerial platforms, although the priority for Manitou will be its telehandlers. It will be available as an option on models fitted with Stage IIIB /Tier 4i engines in Europe and North America.

Laurent Pons, Manitou's market development manager for construction products, said the system would stop the machine operating for the 30% of the time that the engine is typically idling, saving 5% on fuel and reducing significantly the maintenance requirements and the operating hours on the machine, thereby increase resale values.

Manitou thinks the system will have a one to two year return on investment.

Stop & Go, which is being patented by Manitou, can be disabled when not required, for example in very hot or cold climates when the engine is needed to power heating or cooling systems in the cab.

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