Manitowoc presents new city tower cranes

29 June 2015

The new Potain range of MDT CCS City range includes the MDT 109, MDT 139, MDT 189 and MDT 219

The new Potain range of MDT CCS City range includes the MDT 109, MDT 139, MDT 189 and MDT 219

Manitowoc launched a new Potain range of city class tower cranes, the MDT CCS City range, during an event at the manufacturer’s facility in St Pierre de Chandieu, France.

The new range has Manitowoc’s latest Crane Control System (CCS) and includes the MDT 109, MDT 139, MDT 189 and MDT 219 models. Hoisting capacities are from 6 to 10 tonnes.

Jean-Noel Daguin, Potain senior vice president of tower cranes, said, “We are at the forefront of tower crane development and our control system will demonstrate this. For years we have built tower cranes that are easy to assemble, available in flexible configurations and simple to use. We are now entering a new generation of tower cranes, with the highest level performance available. Our worldwide engineering teams worked over several years to make this new crane concept a reality. Now they are better than ever, with features that surpass all performances currently available in the tower crane market.”

The models are fitted with the Ultraview Cab, which is now equipped with the CCS. In addition, the new Potain Plus function is offered to increase driver versatility and productivity by offering more precise control and increased load curves, the manufacturer added.

All Potain MDT, MD and MR range cranes will use the same cab and control systems, making them easier to commission, operate and maintain, the manufacturer said. The new CCS City range will be available for delivery in late 2015.

The event was also a chance for Manitowoc to display its new CabLift tower crane operator hoist. It is jointly developed by Manitowoc and Alimak-Hek. The new operator elevators are for Potain’s full range of top slewing tower cranes, including traditional, flat top, luffing jib and special application models. The Cab Lift includes two versions, an internal and an external operator lift. The lifts help improve operator access for operators and technicians,

Alexandre Chanteclair, Manitowoc product manager, said, “Manitowoc supports all initiatives that are aimed at enhancing efficiency for those who own and operate Manitowoc products. Contractors are mindful of good ergonomics, and continually challenged by increasingly shorter jobsite time schedules – it is more important than ever for operators to have the comfort to operate with optimum levels of concentration.”

The new elevator solutions will meet health and safety regulations including the latest French Recommendation R.459, which states that motorised access must be available for operators climbing 60 metres or more to the tower crane cab and, from 30 m, the new regulation takes effect in 2017.

Both elevator solutions will be available at the beginning of 2016 via the Potain dealer network, the manufacturer said.

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