Manual hoist from Ingersoll Rand

28 September 2017

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KMX Kinetic manual chain hoists have copper-plated hooks and spark-resistant guide rollers for use in potentially explosive environments

Industrial manufacturing conglomerate, Ingersoll Rand, has launched the KMX Kinetic Series of manual chain hoists, ranging between 0.5–20 metric tons (0.45–18 tonnes), designed for use in harsh and hazardous environments.

The KMX Kinetic Series hoists feature copper-plated hooks and spark-resistant guide rollers. This means they comply with European explosion protection regulations (ATEX) for use in areas that are potentially explosive due to a mixture of air and flammable substances like gases, vapours, mists or dusts.

The hoists have an all-steel construction and the load chain is zinc-plated to ensure corrosion resistance in harsh, damp or outdoor environments. According to Ingersoll Rand, the KMX Kinetic Series Manual Hoist is suitable for use in numerous tough environments including offshore oil and gas and refineries, and the heavy construction, mining, ship building, and power generation sectors, as well as in other applications where electricity or compressed air is not available to power equipment.

“The Ingersoll Rand KMX Kinetic Series manual hoist is constructed with both spark and corrosion-resistant materials to mitigate the need for costly equipment and parts repairs that often follow repeated exposure to harsh elements,” said Dan Fleming, global product manager at Ingersoll Rand.

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