MAS adds JLG

By Leila Steed03 April 2019

JLG ariculated booms lifts

JLG articulated boom lifts at MAS depot

Media Access Solutions has invested £500,000 (US$650,000) in new JLG booms and scissor lifts.

The company, which supplies lifting equipment for film and television productions ordered ten machines from JLG. The order included 52ft (15.8m) diesel articulated booms, 53ft (16.1m) rough terrain scissor lifts and 40ft (12.2m) bi energy scissor lifts.

Neil Lawrence, operations director of MAS said, “The cost analysis from a 52ft versus a 45ft from a return on investment point of view was a no brainer for us when placing this order.”

The new units were delivered to the company’s depot in Bedfordshire, UK and are now being used on a long-term film project.

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