Maskin introduces Lv 302 screening plant

By Lindsay Gale09 November 2010

Swedish manufacturer Maskin Mekano has introduced a new double deck screening plant in the shape of the Lv 302. Built around a container-like hook frame, the new unit is easy to transport, Power comes from an electric drive that uses a diesel generator that uses just 3 litres of fuel an hour, making it quiet in operation with minimum exhaust emissions. The new machine's compact design makes it ideal for use in confined spaces.

The screen has an aggressive stroke that prevents binding, provides a high throughput and allows it process a wide range of materials. Maskin says that screen changes are quick and inexpensive to carry out as a result of the special screen box design. The heavy-duty vibrating feeder can also handle a wide range of materials, including wet or sticky feedstock. The LV 302's three on-board stockpiling conveyors fold away hydraulically for transport and can be deployed when on site in just a few minutes.

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