Maun expands fleet with HMF loaders

By Euan Youdale28 March 2011

Maum Motors one of its HMF-1720 articulated loader cranes

Maum Motors one of its HMF-1720 articulated loader cranes

UK-based Maun Motors has invested UK£600,000 (US$960,000) in 24 HMF articulated loader cranes in the last six months.

The self-drive hire and contract rental specialist operates a fleet of 900 vehicles, half being trucks of which 185 have knuckle boom cranes.

Danish manufacturer HMF lays claim to the majority of Maun Motors' cranes because, as proprietor Derek Kennedy affirms: "In my opinion HMF's equipment is simply the best on the market.

All of the loaders are fully radio controlled, and most are mounted on Iveco truck chassis.

Included in the order are eight 30 tonne-metre rated 3000-K4 models with four extensions. The balance comprises two 22 tonne-metre 2220-K2s, six 17 tonne-metre 1720-K2s, six 13 tonne-metre 1310-K2s and a pair of 5 tonne-metre 535-K2s, all of which have two extensions.

Maun Motors has major utility and power generating companies among its regular customers and safety is top priority. Its HMF cranes are equipped with the RCL 5300 Safety System, which prevents overloading.

Some of the machines, including the six new 1720-K2s, have been delivered with the manufacturer's Electronic Vehicle Stability system (EVS), which calculates the extent to which the load on the back of a truck can serve as a counterweight. This allows the operator to maximise the loader's capacity, or work in tight situations where the stabilising legs cannot be fully extended, while eliminating any risk of the vehicle toppling, said HMF.

"I started buying HMF cranes back in the mid-1980s and have never looked back. A number of our lads have been on HMF training courses and I have also been out to the factory in Denmark several times, so our relationship with the manufacturer is very good," Said Derek Kennedy, Maun Motors owner.

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