Maximum versatility on a small footprint - the Volvo EC300D high reach

27 June 2012

The Kocurek-modified Volvo EC300D in its 21 m configuration, in which it weighs 48 tonnes including

The Kocurek-modified Volvo EC300D in its 21 m configuration, in which it weighs 48 tonnes including the tool

Volvo UK used the recent Hillhead show to display its latest high reach excavator developed in conjunction with UK modifier Kocurek. Based on an EC300D, the machine on show at Harpur Hill Quarry was decked out in the livery of CMEC Demolition, the first UK customer for this variant.

According to Volvo's UK national accounts manager Phil Jones: "We were looking to provide our customers with a more versatile demolition solution using a smaller machine to carry out the same duties as larger ones. This has been made possible by the greater power and torque that is delivered by the latest Stage 3B/Interim Tier IV engine technology that allows the hydraulics to lift the tools off the floor."

Volvo UK developed the concept for a single machine that offers four tool weights at four different working heights - 2.5 tonnes at 21 m (69 ft), 3.5 tonnes at 18.5 m (60.5 ft), 4.5 tonnes at 15 m (49 ft) and a 5 tonne tool on a straight dig boom. The necessary boom sections make use of Kocurek's quick connect system to allow for rapid changes of boom configuration on site.

To improve the machine's appearance, the additional counterweight has been positioned between the machine and the standard counterweight rather than being underslung. The cab tilts to 23° to minimise shake and vibration with bullet-proof glass on the front and roof and fully certified FOPs protection.

Other modifications include larger hydraulic cylinders on the lift boom as well as on the dig boom to compensate for the 5.5 tonne tool weight. The machine is also fitted with a water spray dust suppression system that will work at every height configuration. With all these modifications and in 21 m reach configuration the machine weighs in at 48 tonnes, including the 2.5 tonne tool.

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