Maximum versatility

25 April 2008

Rock drilling without a specialist drill rig is now possible following the worldwide launch of an innovative attachment from Finland-based Kone-Lappi. The ExcaDrill attachment is available in four sizes and can be fitted to any hydraulic excavator with an operating weight of 7 tonnes or more.

According to Kon-Lappi, the excavator's bucket can be swapped for the ExcaDrill attachment in less than five minutes through use of a quick coupling device. The drill attaches to the excavator's existing hammer hydraulics and has an anti-jamming system for efficient drilling through fractured rock. The system's drifter has also been designed to sense varying hardness in the rock and automatically adjusts the feed pressure, rotation, percussion pressure and feed speed accordingly. The system can be used to drill holes from 27 to 127 mm.

Around 50 ExcaDrills have now been sold worldwide and have been used in a wide range of applications, from construction and earthmoving through to tunnelling, quarrying and open pit mining.

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