McCloskey names new Canadian dealer

23 April 2020

Screening and crushing specialist McCloskey International has appointed Ault as its dealer for Ontario and Atlantic Canada, building on its success as the exclusive dealer for Quebec.

Ault was founded in 2009 and has developed a reputation for excellent aftersales support.

Ault Equipment, McCloskey International distributor, Canada

Ault Equipment has taken on two new distribution areas as part of McCloskey’s new strategy after being acquired by Metso

Following acquisition by Metso in 2019, the McCloskey distribution network has taken a larger role in the company’s market strategy, leading to Ault assuming the Atlantic Canada operation in January this year, and was the Ontario market last month.

The new Ault Ontario operation will be based near the McCloskey International plant in Keene.

“I have been with McCloskey International for many years,” said Ault owner Jackson Ault.

“Transitioning from marketing to service and sales, and then starting my own dealership in Quebec in 2009. I always knew that the Ontario market was a strong one and I am looking forward to working with the current team as we continue to build on the great business we have here.

“We invest heavily in our parts inventory which helps maximise our customers profitability and keeps downtime to a minimum.”

Construction and demolition is part of a diverse Ault portfolio, with customers across multiple industries in both the private and public sectors.

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