McKinstry's recycling Edge

By Lindsay Gale17 July 2015

An Edge Innovate materials recovery plant has allowed Northern Ireland based McKinstry’s Skip Hire to substantially improve its waste recovery rates. At its facility near Belfast International Airport, McKinstry is now recovering and selling on 85% of the material it receives from all around the country, with a further 10% converted to high quality RDF and only 5% now being transported to landfill.

The EDGE plant consists of a TRT622 track trommel, a 4 bay picking station, over-band and magnetic head drums, eddy current, a material classifier and a TS65 track stockpiler. In total, McKinstry processed and sold 28,868 tonnes of recycled aggregates in 2013 and the new plant has seen this figure climb to 41,434 tonnes. The current configuration extracts up to six different types of materials, including trommel fines, clean saleable hardcore, wood, PETE (polyethylene terepthalate), LTPE (low density polyethylene), ferrous and non-ferrous metals and high grade RDF.

The plant boasts features such a unique load sensing hydraulic drive system, ecopower saving functionality and user friendly HMI control panel for easy fine tuning for different applications. The TRT622 is designed for maximum productivity and incorporates a heavy duty construction design with zero spillage. It also boasts an extremely wide collection conveyor that eliminates the risk of material bridging, with Its 180° slewing radial conveyor enabling operators to create huge wind row stockpiles. The MC1200 provides a solution for lights/ heavies separation. Designed to remove impurities from aggregates, construction and demolition waste, plastics and wood, the air separator provides customers with a high quality product that can used as RDF, SRF, clean hard-core and fines that meet HMRC low landfill tax rate specifications. The use of controlled air as a separation medium provides extreme versatility and greater flexibility to that of mechanical separation techniques.

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