MCS improves proof of delivery

By Patrick Hill03 February 2009

Rental software company MCS in the UK has released a Proof of Delivery (POD) addition to its products. The new module integrates to MCS-rm software to will make it easier for rental companies to electronically capture and use equipment delivery information.

With POD, companies can electronically scan, upload and store documents and damaged asset photographs. The software scans bar-coded documents and records bar code data such as contract number, document type and version number.

The software also allows users to add or delete information. Other documents, such as digital photographs and PDF files, can be imported, categorised and validated online and linked to the relevant contract or equipment category.

MCS said the software increases the efficiency and integrity of data relating to equipment deliveries. These improvements, according to the company, reduce claims losses and improve rental fee collection.

Rental companies can see demonstrations of the new software at the Executive Hire Show in Coventry, UK on 11-12 February. (Visit: for more information.)

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