MEC introduces scissor guarding

01 June 2018


PPSS Slabs - Overview

US-based MEC has introduced the Proactive Platform Safety System (PPSS) for selected slab scissor lifts. The new secondary guarding system is designed to alert operators of overhead hazards to avoid collision and entrapment.

An ultrasonic sensor attached to the scissor covers the immediate area in a cone shape and detects obstacles up to 12ft above the platform floor. An alarm sounds when an object is identified within the cone, and the frequency of beeps will increase as the object gets closer. With a predetermined safe distance setting, the frequency of alarm beeps becomes constant and the machine stops lifting. An override button is available for deliberate closer positioning towards an object.

PPSS Slabs - Topview

The unique 45º orientation of the MEC control handle is designed so that forward/downward movement will cause the machine to lower if contact is made with an overhead obstacle.

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