Mecca for Wolff towers

08 February 2011

Wolffkran has 44 tower cranes on a site in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Wolffkran has 44 tower cranes on a site in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

A group of 44 Wolff tower cranes is working on a project to enlarge the holy site of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Mecca in the west of Saudi Arabia is a small but rapidly growing town surrounded by mountains. Millions of Muslim pilgrims visit every year. Since 2004 a building complex with more than 1,000,000 square metres of useable area has been built to accommodate the many Muslim faithful, who travel to the mosque and holy sites.

The al-Haram mosque is surrounded by a forest of cranes. Wolffkran had to pre-assemble the cranes outside the premises because only Muslims are allowed to enter the holy site. In the first construction phase 20 luffing cranes were assembled. In the second phase there were luffers and saddle jib models in the middle to upper load capacity range.

"An efficient building site solution requires professional planning work, so that only the required number of construction cranes are used in a small space" commented Jareer Jadallah, Wolffkran Arabia managing director.

The 44 cranes will be working until May 2012.

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