Metso ups shredding performance

By Lindsay Gale11 May 2015

Metso has introduced an improved mobile shredder in the shape of the EtaPreShed 4000 Mobile

Metso has introduced an improved mobile shredder in the shape of the EtaPreShed 4000 Mobile

According to Metso, its new improved EtaPreShred 4000 Mobile, available in a semi-trailer version, has been designed to deliver improved performance and increased efficiency. Henning Lindbjerg VP Waste Recycling Metso, explained: “The new, improved mobile units are easier to load and transport than their predecessors. They feature all the robustness and strength you’d expect from a Metso PreShredder, with the added benefits of being easier to operate, more efficient to run and easier to service, all of which helps to reduce running costs.”

Metso Recycling shredding technology is based on an extremely aggressive knife design and open cutting table, which provides outstanding performance when dealing with mixed and challenging materials. According to Metso, these key features make Metso EtaPreShred units extremely resistant to wear caused by materials and waste normally considered as nonshreddable, including solid steel, reinforced concrete and rocks.

Power for the new machine comes from a 403 kW (541 hp) Cat C15 that features a longer service interval (500 hours instead of 250) that represents a significant saving in cost over its service life. Metso has designed the new units to be easier to service in any location. There is increased space in the power pack to allow better access and a ladder has been mounted on the cutting table to improve access during inspections.

All Metso EtaPreShredders feature asynchronous bi-directional shredding technology, which reduces wear and keeps waste constantly moving in a consistent flow. The Metso double hydrostatic drive is extremely reliable under heavy loads and shocks, and all knives and exposed cutting table components are made of Hardox 500 wear-resistant steel for less wear and less downtime. A central lubricating system is standard on all machines, and intelligent shredding routines automatically adapt to processed material characteristics.

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