Meva introduces new Mammut XT

By Joe Malone12 April 2016

Meva's new Mammut XT

Meva's new Mammut XT

Meva has presented its new Mammut XT formwork system, offering all three tying methods in one system.

The Mammut XT is based on the Mammut 350 system, and has a load capacity of 100kN/m².

Jens Lutzow, marketing director of Meva, said, “2 to 3% of the cost on a construction job is in the formwork account. This may not sound like much, but it affects 90% of the construction job, which is in concrete.

“Therefore, we believe it is essential to make the best quality formwork, meaning a top-of-the-range 2% will have a positive effect on the rest of the job.”

The combi tie system means you can tie from one side only using DW 20 tie-rods and plastic sleeves, tie from one side only using taper ties without plastic sleeve, and, tie from both sides with DW 20 or DW 15 tie rods and plastic sleeves.

There are no conversions, modifications or add-ons required when switching from one to two sided tying, saving time and effort, as the number of parts is reduced by 50%.

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