Micro CESAR scheme launched

13 November 2015

Security tag producer Datatag has launched a new -theft system for small tools and equipment dubbed Micro CESAR.

Datatag said insurers, manufacturers and industry bodies had raised the issue of small tool theft, and Micro CESAR was the response from Datatag and the Construction Equipment Association (CEA), which initiated CESAR.

Micro CESAR features a unique radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and a warning/registration label with an integrated QR code. The tag was planned to have the same effect that the original CESAR Scheme has in deterring the theft of larger construction equipment and assisting in recovery.

Datatag said CESAR, which was launched in the UK in 2007, has contributed to a 70+% reduction in the theft of large construction equipment since launched. It said Micro CESAR was poised to make a similar impact protecting small construction and landscaping equipment such as power tools, cut-off saws, hand-held hydraulic breakers and compaction plates.

As an added bonus to many companies, Datatag said the technology in the Micro-CESAR system could also be used as a stock management tool helping companies track tools in and out of jobs and allowing users to easily access on line health and safety advice and user manuals through the unique QR code and mobile enabled Micro CESAR website.

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