Milan Cathedral receives Palazzani update

By Euan Youdale06 December 2022

Palazzani Ragno XTJ 52+

Milan Cathedral located in the heart of the Italian city and is one of the world’s largest Gothic cathedrals. Pallazzani has just delivered a 52m working height Ragno XTJ 52+ spider lift to the structure for permanent maintenance work at the site. 

Construction of the Cathedral began in 1386 and took five centuries to complete. During this time, various architects, sculptors and artists contributed to the building program, known as the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo. The result is a unique piece of architecture, which merges the international Gothic style with the Lombard Romanesque style.

The external structure is covered with white and pink marble and the roof is covered in pinnacles and spires crowned with sculptures that overlook the city. On the highest spire of the temple is the Madonnina, a gilded bronze statue representing Madonna, which over years has become a symbol of Milan.

The interior is elegant and stately thanks to its large sculpted marble columns that reach the ceiling. Large paintings adorn the walls of the temple and about 2,300 statues are located inside.

The new Palazzani Ragno XTJ 52+ spider lift, on wheels, arrived at the building on 1 December, replacing a Ragno XTJ 48, which had been used for maintenance of the Cathedral for more than 20 years.

Palazzani describes the XTJ 52+ as the ‘colossus’ of the Palazzani range, with a wide ranging envelope and fast and precise movements at height. The management system adjusts the outreach

Palazzani Ragno XTJ 52+

automatically, according to the stabilization and load, which can be up to 120kg, 230kg or 400kg. The unit provides 660° rotation.

Thanks to the bi-energy power system and non-marking wheels, the Ragno XTJ 52+ is able to carry out all maintenance and cleaning required both inside and outside the cathedral. In addition, the basket is interchangeable with a 980kg winch.

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