MLC300 times ten for All Erection

By Alex Dahm24 March 2014

Manitowoc’s new MLC300 is a 300 tonne capacity lattice boom crawler crane with a maximum load moment

Manitowoc’s new MLC300 is a 300 tonne capacity lattice boom crawler crane with a maximum load moment of 1,992 tonne-metres, increasing to 4,119 tonne-metres with the optional VPC-Max capacity enhancem

All Erection & Crane Rental in the USA has ordered 10 units of the new 300 tonne capacity Manitowoc MLC300 crawler crane.

Launched at the ConExpo show in Las Vagas, USA, in March, the MLC300 has the Variable Position Counterweight (VPC) system first seen on the Model 31000 several years ago. In the VPC system, the counterweight is centred between the fully retracted and fully extended positions to balance the crane’s centre of gravity. It moves on a rail system according to the boom extension.

Michael Liptak, All Erection & Crane Rental president, said, “This is our bread-and-butter capacity range, and being able to create savings for our customers here, at this capacity, is part of why customers choose All. Without hyperbole I tell you that this technology will change the crawler category.”

Advantages of the VPC are a smaller operating footprint with less ground preparation and lower ground bearing pressure, All said. Less matting is needed and there is no carbody counterweight so transport cost is reduced. “We can reduce the number of required mats by half. That’s thousands of dollars in savings per month, and that’s saying nothing of the reduced counterweight loads and the savings realised by reducing the required job site prep area,” said Rick Mikut, All Erection & Crane Rental crawler crane division manager.

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