MLE develops collision warning system

By Lindsey Anderson18 April 2011

Man Lift Manufacturing Company (MLE) has developed an electronic collision warning system for aerial lifts. The system "provides the ability to work closely around objects safely and protects against damage to critical components," according to MLE. The system also is programmable for alarm or stop when an intrusion moves into detection plane.

MLE said the electronic collision warning system is available for one side of a machine or as an entire "envelope" of the machine. It can be custom desigend and has the ability to be turned off while driving the machine in open areas.

For scissor lifts, the system can include one side (platform only); one side (platform and arm stack); two sides (platform only); two sides (platform and arm stack); three sides (platform only); three sides (platform and arm stack); four sides (platform only) and four sides (platform and arm stack). For boom lifts, the system can include one side, two sides, three sides or three sides and the bottom of the unit.

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