Mobile turn in Italy

28 February 2008

As at previous events most of the major international crane and construction equipment manufacturers will be exhibiting. It is not a 'tower crane year' (tower cranes are shown on alternate years) but you can expect to see the usual strong showing from the hydraulic loader and mobile crane manufacturers.

Organisers claim more than 176,000 visitors for last year's event, up 7% on the 2005 show. Spread over 15 halls and six external areas, SAIE 2007 covers an exhibition area of 260,000 m2.

Organizers forecast that the 1,750 exhibitors will attract 175,000 visitors.

Listed below is a selection of lifting and transport industry-related exhibitors at SAIE 2007 with details of what they will be exhibiting.


Operator assistance devices, electronic control and measuring systems. On show from this Italian manufacturer will be the MC2M machine control dual manager input/output controller, which is a main CAN Bus controller with a high number of inputs (analogue, digital, RPM) and outputs (on/off and PWM) that are software configurable.

The 3B2 is a data logging management unit with detection, storage, GPRS data transmission and GPS localisation for use on rental equipment. The 3B2TM allows remote management of machines, for example, to detect improper use.

The CLS is an integrated control system with graphic display. Its wide display is designed to allow a quick and clear view of vehicle status, maintenance conditions, sensor status, etc. on multiple graphic pages.

Airone Area 44 stand C49

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Amco Veba Area 44 stand C34

Hydraulic loader cranes.

ANMOPyC Area 36 stand F78

Spanish association of construction equipment manufacturers.

Autec Area 48 stand A41

Italian radio remote control manufacturer Autec will showcase its full product line and will premiere two brand new pushbutton handsets. The MK 6 and MK 8 join the MK 10 and MK 12 in the Modular range. The award-winning series, which also includes joystick systems, has been certified by TÜV Süddeutschland in Germany for its Functional Safety features, the company says.

Compact dimensions are a feature of the new six- and eight-button transmitters and actuators can be fitted to meet the requirements of any lifting device in the construction and material handling industries, according to the manufacturer. The optional Data Feedback function has a graphic display in the transmitter for information from the crane's sensors.

Receivers for the MK 6 and MK 8 can be either for outdoor installation, to IP65 protection, or for switchboard/DIN rail mounting. All models have “Master-Slave” and “Take-Release” functions for multiple crane control. Both systems meet the safety requirements of the Modular series and can manage a Fail-Safe mode where all cranes are always maintained into the last valid control status, even in the case of a loss of power supply or failure of the remote control system.

Baltrotors Area 30 stand E93

Hydraulic rotators for loader cranes.

Benelligru Area 44 stand C42

Telescopic and articulating hydraulic loader cranes.

Bilanciai Area 44 stand A28

Scales and weighers.

Bocker Italia Area 42 stand B29

Truck and trailer mounted telescopic mobile cranes, some with aluminium booms.

Bonfiglioli Riduttori Area 36 stand B26

Reduction gears, winches.

Ing Bonfiglioli Area 48 stand D37

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Boscaro Area 48 stand C39

Below the hook attachments, including buckets, forks, tongs and clamps.

BPE Electronics Area 35 stand C48

Overload/moment/outreach limiters, force measurement, scales and weighers, outrigger controls, function displays, etc.

Brusa Area 47 stand A2

Hiab loader crane distributor for Italy.

Cams Macchine Area 36 stand D9

Bencini industrial yard and truck cranes.

Ceccantini Area 25 stand B153

GrabiQ chain sling systems.

Comedil (Terex) Area 48 stand F98

Terex Comedil tower cranes.

Comer Area 33 stands D16 – E31

Tools and machinery.

Cometto Area 48 stand E102

Trailers and specialised transport systems.

Copma 2000 n/a

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Cormach Area 44 stands A32 – B11

A selection of the Italian manufacturer's range of hydraulic loader cranes will be on show. This might include a new installation concept of a revised model 88000 2/2 TECH crane. Top of the Cormach range is the 225 tonne-metre model 225000 that will be officially presented to the pub l ic during a dedicated presentation day at the Cormach factory. Maximum capacity of the 225000 is 38 tonnes.

De Angelis Rimorchi Area 48 stand D87 – E82

Trailers for transporting machinery.

Demag Area 48 stand F98

Mobile cranes. See entry under Terex.

Dieci Area 48 stand E113


Dinamic Oil Area 44 stand E51

Components for slewing, lifting and pulling.

D.M.P. Area 25 stand B122

Hoists, slings, jacks, wire rope, chain, weighers, etc.

Donaldson Area 30 stands C14

Engine intake filter systems.

ECE Elevatori Area 48 Stand B56

Wire rope construction hoists.

Effer Area 44 stand D38 – E27

On its 400 square metre stand Effer will present 10 hydraulic loader cranes. New among these are the 1355 and the 470. The new 1355-8S, which is making its world premiere, will be mounted on a truck. It is rated at 100 tonne-metres and has the Italian manufacturer's distinctive decagonal boom profile. The version on show has eight hydraulic extensions for a maximum horizontal outreach of more than 19 metres and a working height of 24 m from the ground.

The newest feature of the crane is its CroSStab base design with X-shaped outriggers. The crosstype stabilisers are used to give good stability through 360 degrees without increasing the crane's mounting space needed on the truck. It means that no extra cargo space is lost on the truck and, in the case of a crane mounted behind the truck cab, stability at the front is close to 100%. This compares with 30% on conventional mountings, Effer claims.

Making its Italian debut will be a 6S version of the model 470 with six hydraulic extensions and a four section fly jib. Features include decagonal boom, continuous slewing (by reduction gear unit and slewing ring), and an outreach up to 30 m. The new fly jib opens to 200 degrees – “nose-up” and lifting capacity is as much as 70% higher than previous jibs of comparable size, Effer says. These features are made possible by using the latest 1,300 daN steel.

The Wind & Drive concept allows the crane to fold with the fly jib in transport position, without having to remove the winch cable or fly jib from the boom tip.

Another notable model on show will be the 850 in its 8S version with 6S fly jib. Maximum load handled from the ground is 27 tonnes, which can be raised 8 m. The six extension fly jib lifts 3.7 tonnes to 29 m from the ground.

The 585 on show will be a 6S version with 4S heavy duty fly jib. This 55 tonne-metre model mounts on thee-axle trucks or tractors, even in long boom versions, for example, the 6S, which has a horizontal outreach of 17 m. The longest version has nine hydraulic extensions for a maximum outreach of 23.10 m. With the strongest fly jib it can pick 4 tonnes and raise it 25 m, while the maximum working height is 30 m.

Elca Area 48 stand B50

Reliability and ease of use are the primary features of Elca's remote controls, the company says.

Electroelsa Area 48 stands B21 – C20

Construction hoists for employees and materials.

Eurogru Amici Area 44 stand D31

Truck mounted telescopic hydraulic cranes, including a new model, the 150 tonne capacity 150.35 with five section telescopic boom. It is an evolution of the 130 tonne capacity model 21.33. Differences include a new type of boom with ovoid sections and a new system of boom extension and retraction. The superstructure has been redesigned and “there are many evolutions in the hydraulic and electrical systems,” explains Alessandro Amici.

Maximum working height is 34 m. The 7.2 tonne counterweight is in two sections (4.4 and 2.8 tonne) and is detachable. Many options are available and the crane can be installed on trucks from all manufacturers.

Also available is the 160.30, similar to the 150.35 but with a maximum load capacity of 160 tonnes and a four section ovoid boom giving a maximum working height of 29 m.

F.lli Ferrari Corporation Area 44 stand E24

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Faber Com Area 44 stand A20

Radio remote control systems.

Faresin-Haulotte Area 45 stand D65


Fassi Gru Area 44 stands D22 – E11

New hydraulic loader cranes on show include the Evolution models F510A, F560AXP, F600A and F660AXP, first seen at the Bauma exhibition earlier in the year. All four are in the larger end of the range above 50 tonne-metres. Versions are available with up to eight hydraulic extensions and can be configured from a choice of as many as three different models of jib, giving a total of more than 25 versions per model, making this the widest range available on the market in this category, the manufacturer claims.

The F660AXP Evolution is described as “the new market reference point for articulate cranes of 60/70 tonne-metres and, thanks to the maximum lifting torque of 62.5 tonne-metres, and the tare weight of just 5,100 kg, it also has the best power to weight ratio of any machine in this category.”

Fassi's RCH integrated remote control is used for all crane functions, including stabilisation, and informs the operator via an LCD screen of the state of the crane using an icon-based user interface that is designed to be simple and intuitive in operation.

The XP Extra Power function on the F560AXP Evolution and F660 AXP Evolution models offers a power reserve that can be used in difficult working situations caused either by load size or particularly difficult dynamic conditions.

Ferrari International 2 Area 44 stand D23

Hydraulic accessories, baskets, forks, rotators, winches.

Ferrero Area 44 stand D16

Crane scales, weighing systems.

FIAAM Filter Area 30 stand C14

Filters for air, fuel and oil.

GKS-Perfekt Area 35 stand E15

Industrial lifting and moving skates, jacks and winches.

GMC Area 44 stand D10

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Goldhofer Area 47 stand A11

Trailers and SPMTs for heavy and specialized transport.

Grove Area 48 stands A13 – B14 – B11 – C10

Mobile cranes. See under Manitowoc Crane Group.

Gusella Equipment Area 44 stand E43

Hydraulic grabs, end of line equipment.?

Haulotte Italia Area 45 stand D80

The Easy Crane range of telescopic wheeled mobile cranes for construction sites.

HBC-radiomatic Area 48 stand D22

Radio remote controls on display will include the new technos transmitter with graphical display, ergonomic design and slim shape.

Its LCD screen offers options to display system data, for example, battery level or plant-specific feedback data such as crane loading or wind speed.

The technos is available with two multi-step or analog HBC joysticks or with six analog linear levers. A pair of z-axis joysticks can be used and on the front plate there is space for up to four rotary or toggle switches. Up to six push buttons on both sides of the housing complete the range of commands. The rechargeable NiMH battery lasts for up to 12 hours in continuous operation, the manufacturer claims.

Compatible receivers are FSE 509, FSE 516, FSE 524, FSE 719, FSE 736 radiobus and FSE 737 radiobus.

Also on show will be the spectrum 1D available in a new version with LCD screen. The standard version has either two HBC joysticks or six linear levers. A version with z-axis joysticks for simultaneous control of three drive commands is also available.

Heila Area 44 stand C27

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Hetronic Area 48 stand A89

Radio control systems.

Hiab Area 47 stand A2

Hydraulic loader crane manufacturer represented in Italy by Brusa.

HMF Denmark Area 47 stand B81

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Idrogru Area 44 stand C11

Truck mounted telescopic hydraulic cranes.

IMAI Area 42 stand B61

A range of mini cranes will be on show, including the Jekko model. Others include the new SPD500CD with a 10.4 m four section chain-drivenboom plus a two section 3.9 m hydraulic jib. The crane has been redesigned to ensure increased lifting capacity and it is now in the range of standard production models instead of being a special order model.

Other news this year is that in May IMAI opened a factory for Jekko mini cranes where the SPD265 and the SPD360 models are assembled.

Imet Area 48 stand A55

Industrial radio remote controls.

Interfron Area 33 stand G24

Chain hoists (Columbus McKinnon) and wire rope (Pfeifer Seil).

INTERNATIONAL CRANES AND SPECIALIZED TRANSPORT magazine (represented by Mediapoint & Communications)Area 42 stand 20

Editorial staff and advertising representatives will be there and around the show. In addition to International Cranes and Specialized Transport magazine, other KHL titles, including Access International, Construction Europe and International Rental News will be represented.

Isoli Area 44 stand C18

Truck mounted telescopic hydraulic cranes.

Italmet Area 33 stand F8

Wire rope under the Python brand.

Kabelschlepp Italia Area 30 stand 2

Cable management systems.

KLM Crane Group Area 47 stand C84

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Krueger Systemtechnik Area 31 stand A73

Crane electronics, components, bus systems.

LCM Area 35 stand B47

Stabiliser pads.

Leica Geosystems Area 31 stands A 35 – B22

Laser distance measuring equipment, GPS systems.

Levo Area 48 stand H 13

Unic mini cranes and FM tower cranes.

Liebherr Area 48 stand F27 – H24

The strong showing of all terrain cranes from Liebherr will include the 70 tonne capacity LTM 1070-4.1, the LTM 1090-4.1, the LTM 1095-5.1, the LTM 1130-5.1 and the 200 tonne capacity LTM 1200-5.1.

Locatelli Area 36 stand C77 – D78

Mobile cranes.

Maber Area 48 stand C52

Rack and pinion hoists for people and materials.

Mait Area 45 stand D30

Heavy duty crawler cranes.

Manitou Area 48 stands D73 – E68, E73


Manitowoc Crane Group Area 48 stands A13 – B14

Grove mobile cranes, Manitowoc crawler cranes,

National truck cranes and Potain tower cranes. All terrains on show this year will be the 220 tonne capacity GMK5220 and the GMK4100L long boom version of the new four axle 100 tonner. Rough terrains on show will be the RT530E2 and the RT540CE.

Mantovanibenne Area 36 stand B10

Grabs, clamshells, buckets.

Meck Lock System Italia Area 29 stand 6

Anti-theft security equipment and systems.

Mediapoint & Communications Area 42 stand 20


Merlo Area 48 stands A69 – B70


Minelli Area 44 stand E18

Grabs, grapples, rotators.

Mister Gru Area 48 stand F82

Distribution sales and service for Tadano Faun mobile cranes, Ecopower city crane.

Motronica Area 35 stand B2

Electronic control systems for lifting equipment.

Murtra Area 33 stand A20 – B17

Lifting slings and safety harnesses. NBB Controls & Components

Area 35 stand D44

Radio remote control systems.

Next Hydraulics Area 44 stand C41

On show will be the Maxilift range of hydraulic loader cranes.

Nuova Tecnica Trasporti su Scale Area 35 stand E15

Specialized industrial moving equipment.

Ormig Area 44 stand C19

Mobile crane manufacturer Ormig will show models from its pick and carry and truck mounted crane ranges. The 10 tonne capacity electrically-driven model 10tmE pick and carry crane has a rear steering angle of 70° and an hydraulically operated service brake. It is driven by three electric motors: 24 kW for traction, 16.8 kW for boom derricking and telescoping; 5 kW for services.

Largest of the pick and carry cranes on show will be the 60 tonne capacity diesel powered model 60tm. Technical features include hydro-pneumatic suspension on the rear axle and self-regulation of the travel speed according to lifting capacity. It has a 352 hp (240 kW) Mercedes engine and a transmission with a ZF torque converter.

Also on show will be the model 804AC truck mounted crane. Maximum lifting capacity is 80 tonnes and the fully hydraulic six section telescopic boom gives a maximum tip height of 48 m. Weighing less than 32 tonnes means that the Italian crane has unrestricted highway travel.

A tilting head can be fitted on the boom tip to maximise hook height when lifting inside buildings. Other options include fly jibs, electric motors for pollution-free operation inside buildings and driving control for the carrier from the upper cab.


Area 36 stand B79 and Area 44 stand A64

Mini crawler cranes.

Palfinger Area 44 stands F16 and G11

Hydraulic loader cranes.

PAT Area 31 stand A73

Crane electronics, components and bus systems.

PAUS Area 42 stand B21

Trailer mounted telescopic cranes.

Pesci Area 44 stand B32

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Pfeifer Seil Area 33 stand G24

Wire rope.

Pccini Area 48 stand A9

Tower and industrial cranes for the construction industry.

PM Group Area 44 stands F36 and G31

An hydraulic loader crane making its debut will be the 35.5SP. The top of the range Platinum line model has continuous slewing and “exceptional over all weight to loading capacity ratio.” The 35528SP with eight hydraulic extensions weighs 4,080 kg and lifts 900 kg at a distance of 21 m. Mounted on a three axle truck it allows a large residual loading capacity.

It also has a heat exchanger integrated into the column, a feature designed to reduce the space required and to avoid damage. Electronically controlled winches and jibs, with a 20 degree over stroke, can be specified.

Also on show will be new models in the Classic line. The Series 14, 16 and 19P have been improved by adding electronic management and will be able to use the PM Power Tronic Compact system, which will replace the hydraulic moment limiter. This is designed to help the operator by being more sensitive and giving more information in real time to allow more precise control.

Potain Area 48 stands A13 – B14

Tower cranes.

Pressoil Area 36 stand E53

Hydraulic components and lift trucks.

Pris-Mag Area 45 stand D13

Hydraulic loader cranes.

Probst Area 45 stand C3b3

Lifting and handling equipment and attachments.

Python Area 33 stand F8

Wire rope manufacturer represented by Italmet.

Ravioli Area 48 stand B64

Radio remote control systems.

Rotzler Area 47 stand A2


Rozzi Area 44 stand D10

Grabs, grapples, hydraulic accessories.

SCM Area 48 stand D62

Wheeled mobile telescopic cranes.

Tadano Faun Area 48 stands D101 – E96

Making its official Italian debut will be the 220 tonne capacity ATF 220G-5 all terrain crane on five axles. Two cranes, however, have already been delivered to Italian customers since its world premiere earlier this year at the Bauma exhibition in Munich. They are in Bologna for crane rental and Bergamo for prefabricated concrete work. After the show, the crane on display will be delivered to a crane rental company in Ravenna.

The ATF 220G-5 has a 68 m seven section telescopic boom with single-cylinder telescoping system. Optional fly jibs are from a minimum length of 5.4 m to a maximum of 37.0 m to give a maximum tip height around 109 m. The fly jib can be offset 0°, 20° and 40°.

The ATF 220G-5 has a 10 x 8 Faun chassis powered by an eight cylinder, 530 hp Daimler Benz OM 502 LA diesel coupled to a ZF AS-Tronic 16 speed automated manual transmission and a two stage transfer case. Maximum travel speed is 85 km/h and maximum gradeability is 69%. The 13.45 m long, 3.0 m wide and 3.94 m high carrier has automatic on-road steering of the rear two axles up to travels speeds of 25 km/h and 50 km/h, respectively.

In the superstructure is a six cylinder, 188 hp Daimler Benz OM 906 LA diesel and maximum counterweight is 71 tonnes. It will pick 3.2 tonne sat 64 m radius on the fully extended boom.

T.C.M. Area 44 stand F12

Truck and crawler mounted telescopic hydraulic cranes.

Tecnodraulic Area 44 stand D12

Hydraulic outrigger type additional stabilisers for truck mounted cranes.

Terex Area 48 stand F98

Demag mobile cranes on show will be the 120 tonne capacity AC 120-1 and 250 tonne capacity AC 250-1 all terrains. Bendini rough terrain cranes on show will be the new RC 60 and the RC 45. Other Terex brands on display will include Italmacchine telehandlers and Schaeff products.

T.M.A. Area 45 stand C39


Tractel Italiana Area 33 stand G6

Tirfor pullers, safety and rigging equipment.

Trevi Benne Area 30 stand C56

Grabs and grapples, concrete buckets.

Valla Area 45 stand D90

Industrial mobile cranes on wheels and crawler undercarriages.

Venpa Area 36 stand C77 – D78

Venpa Group acquired mobile crane manufacturer Locatelli in March 2007.

Weissenfels Area 33 stand G14

Lifting chains and fittings.

White Hydraulics Area 30 stand C13

Hydraulic machine components manufacturer represented by Bondioli & Pavesi.

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