Modular systems for bespoke safety

13 November 2008

By combining the elements of Zarges (UK)'s modular safety system you can devise a tailormade solutio

By combining the elements of Zarges (UK)'s modular safety system you can devise a tailormade solution for working at height.

Milton Keynes based Zarges (UK) has introduced a range of access steps and platforms designed to help prevent injury and death to workers in the construction industry. According to Zarges (UK), many injuries caused by falling from height could be prevented by choosing the right equipment for the job and making sure it is used.

Zarges (UK)'s modular systems consist of a two-section push-up ladder with a maximum load capacity of 150 kg. The height of the ladder can be adjusted with a rope winch mounted on its side. Safety is improved by use of a side support section featuring double-sided hand rails complemented by a choice of railings, platforms and chassis which are designed to suit each customer's specific requirements.

Zarges (UK) marketing manager Russell Stuart said: "Safety is important and these modular systems are ideal for maintenance applications in the construction industry.

"Customers can put together their own systems by combining ladder, railings, chassis and platform modules or we can offer special individually adapted solutions.

"Because the system is based on standard modules we are able to offer a flexible, comprehensive and cost-effective solution to specific individual requirements that will not compromise safety."

Mr Stuart added: "We provide the expert advice our customers need to get a system that is right for their requirements. Our module system has a huge range of variations based on standard models. They allow for precision height adjustment, different platform sizes, selection of handrails and railings, and a choice of broad or narrow chassis - all depending on the type of equipment chosen and its application."

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