Modular tunnel to protect pedestrians

11 July 2011

Big Astor's Genius Tunnel protects pedestrians from objects falling from above.

Big Astor's Genius Tunnel protects pedestrians from objects falling from above.

The Genius pedestrian tunnel, designed, patented, and manufactured by Italian company Big Astor srl, has been designed for pedestrian safety where overhead work is being carried out. It protects pedestrians from falling objects or liquids.

The tunnel can be mounted in less than 2 minutes by a single person and can be used inside or outside. It is suitable for use on flat and inclined surfaces, and on unasphalted areas. The four telescopic supports allow the tunnel's height to be modified and the modular construction allows obstacles to be bi-passed

The structure is made from aluminium and alveolar polycarbonate parts and is designed to resist to and absorb even violent impacts.

Big Astor says that tests have shown that the tunnel can resist a falling object from 30m weighing up to 2.5kg. The tunnel covering can support around 95kgs/m2. The tunnel has been designed using experience acquired in more than 30 years of renting aerial platforms

The Genius tunnel can be easily transported on the bed of truck-mounted aerial platforms using racks, mounted directly on their floors and designed to carry up to six modules.

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