Modulift spreader for 100 m components

09 November 2009

A Lattice Spreader being tested by Modulift

A Lattice Spreader being tested by Modulift

Modulift has expanded its range following requests for spreader systems that can carry 100 m components.

The company's Modular Lattice Systems can now lift 100 m long loads weighing up to 300 tonnes. The new system was originally developed to lift roofing sheets and is now finding demand from the global wind energy industry. Turbine blades have got longer and heavier, as have offshore monopoles, columns and structural foundations.

The development process was slow with a number of problems which had to be overcome, said the company. Asymmetric centres of gravity, minimum sling heights between hook and spreader, as well as the modular requirement for transportation - of a 100 m beam - had to be taken into consideration.

The lattice design drastically reduces the spreader weight, compared to a typical model made of tube or I-section beam, explained Modulift. This can be critical as cranes are often lifting at the limit of their capacity. It can also reduce installation costs.

The system works like a truss beam with additional safety features for a lifting environment. The dynamic effects of movement with the larger loads on very long lifting structures was a significant consideration before designs could be released to the market.

Nick Latham, Modulift Group chairman, developed the system with business partner Sue Caples. "The next phase is to develop a solution for the nacelles and we have our team of engineers working on this now. When this is finished we will be able to offer the wind energy industry a complete package of lifting solutions for transportation and installation."

*See more from Modulift in the below the hook feature appearing in the November issue of IC.

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