Monastic model repair

25 November 2019

Potain Igo 50 working to renovate Mona Lisa model's final resting place

Potain Igo 50 working to renovate Mona Lisa model’s final resting place

Potain dealer Tognaccini Noleggi supplied a self erecting tower crane for repair work on a 14th century former monastery in Italy.

The Igo 50 was put to work helping to repair 4,000 square metres of damaged roof on the Sant’Orsola building in Florence. It is claimed as the final resting place of Lisa Gherardini, the model for Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting.

Sant’Orsola was derelict for 30 years before the city’s current renovation programme started with a view to opening it to the public. Work began with the tower crane being used to unload 12 ballast blocks weighing a total of 24 tonnes.

Project completion is scheduled for 2023.


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